HITMAN - The Domino Effect - Featured Contract - Silent Assassin

[, Music, ] yo. What's up? Freeze I'm. Your welcome to the domino effect featured contract here in Hokkaido mr. freeze two four four four. This one will bring along a remote breaching charge the remote explosive, the Kruger Meier, and we're to start undercover in the kitchen disguised as a chef.

Now for this particular featured contract, it's, quite a clever one. We have to do is figure out a way to kill both targets in the domino effect. If you don't know what that is, basically yourself, two dominoes next to each other.

You knock one down and it knocks down the pre next one and so on and so forth, and that's, pretty much the style of this particular feature to contract. So once we come out the kitchen we're gonna plant.

The the remote explosive on the wall just like that now the first target is going to come and see the remote explosive. He's, going to go up to it and investigate it, and we're gonna shoot. This leaves like the lampshades on top of his head and that will kill him for an accident kill for a falling object.

Now what's gonna happen? There is the second target is going to see that accident happened just like we did there. He's gonna turn around and he's, gonna body bag him and he's. Gon na be dragging him through this area to the left.

Now we have to assassinate the second target, with an electrocution and that's. What we were about to set up so when I shoot that camera right there and these two guys are in the way. So we need to take out these two guards plus we need to take out this camera right here.

There's, some patrolling security guards going to be coming back around. We're gonna subdue him to get him out of the way, and then we're, going to distract these two of the person that's in front of the aquarium and that's.

When we're gonna create the accident kill itself, hence the domino effect. So he's. Gon na be dragging the body back through this section and we're going to set off the electrocution. So he & # 39, ll, be draggin him through it and he'll electrocute himself, so just by just by getting to killing the first target, it kills the second tag at the same time.

Hence the domino effect and it's. Quite cool and it's quite fun. So once we've taken out the security guard, when we've hit his body, we're gonna throw to breach and challenges. They're in that direction.

They're, both going to go off and it alert guards of the situation we're gonna put the pickup the two breaching charges and we're gonna you know cause a leak here from the aquarium by Shooting it a few times and make sure you turn on the switch and shoot the plug Watterson you'll, hear the sparking coming from the plug, and that's.

When you know it's, poor pretty much set up. So we're just going to head straight to the exits and he will drag the body bag body through that section and he will electrocute himself and that will take care of the second target and that will complete the future contract.

Once we've exited here, you don't, have to wear that worried about a security guard figure. Some reason he's, an enforcer, but that's takes care of this feature contract. You should get your song assassin rate and fall on that particular one.

It's, nice and short and quite fun features of contracts, quite clever of the person who created it and yeah that's, pretty much going to do it. For this video, so I think we're in for watching feel free to drop a like and subscribe here.

If you are new to the channel and I'll see you guys in the next video Cheers: [ Music ], you