HITMAN - Elusive Target #21 Announced - Hokkaido!

[, Music, ]. You know what's, a phrase I mean we have another relative to how you announce, but this is going to be a further elusive target number 21 and for this elusive target is going to be called the surgeons and the best our first Alou.

So tight, you'll, be set in Hokkaido and it'll. Be your first opportunity to earn the white you quatre disguise 447. So this target. Well, I'll, say one target, but it's. There's, two targets for this one and they're, going to be in Hakata for again as usual for seven days, it's, going to be from february's 24th, which is going to be this Friday, in a couple of days, time and yeah, so we've got a week to complete this, but there's, an additional objective.

I mean he says. First of all, it says, eliminate Pavel fry friedell. I think his name is and eliminate a carne. I can our, I think his name is, and the optional objective is to eliminate both targets using a viral infection.

Now, if that's, an optional target, optional objective, you think a wiser optional. I Dodi you don't have to do it that way, then we can carry on and is complete it anyway, but it says you must complete all primary objectives, which is at eliminating targets, and - and this is that an underlined underlined this is, and The optional objective: in order to achieve the Sun assassin rain for this contract, however, it is still possible to access sexually complete the contract without completing the optional objective.

So to get the Sun assassin rating to contribute towards you're, getting your winter suits and other suits thinking that, then you have to kill these both both these targets with a viral infection and it doesn't, actually specify what exactly That is, it could have just been poisoned, like the picture suggests that he's drinking some wine there.

So maybe you can poison that I don't know with that counts, but I'm sure Diana will explain it. A little bit better in to come in terms of the briefing video, but at least I hope so I hope it is not just a vague and it says you have to kill them both the viral infection.

They've kind of it. It kind of limits it. I'm, not completely sure how I feel about this. It kind of limits the options like if you're forced to take both these targets out with a viral infection, then is it really? I don't know where's, the freedom I just don't see any room for doing any anything else.

I mean yeah. You can complete the elusive target without doing the optional objective, but you won't, get a silent assassin rating. So what's? The point I mean most people I'm. Suggesting is going to go for the silent assassin rating anyway, so I'm, not sure how you guys feel about it.

Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this option objective and the new rule is set, so you have to eliminate both targets with a viral infection to get the silence at and rating, you can still kill them both and complete the target, but You won't, get that site assassin rating, because you didn't complete the optional objective.

I don & # 39. T really think it's very optional. If you're, pretty much making them do it. Just to get the silent assassin ring, I don't, really see where the room, for you know, freedom and creativity in his is in regards to this elusive target, but yeah anyway, that's.

The announcement for this particular loser target. It's kind of, like I said it's. Gon na be on this friday at two p.m. european time will be five a.m. pacific time and that's 8 a.m. eastern time over the UK.

It's, going to be 1 p.m. as usual. I'll, be doing the live stream of this again as usual as well. I'll, be starting that live stream about roughly 10 minutes before the elusive target goes live. So hopefully you guys will join me there.

I'll, see you guys friday for the live stream and make sure everyone prepares themselves for hard code. Before i finish this, i want to make sure i said that make sure you're. All mastery level 20, because if you're, not mastery level 20, then there's.

A chance that you won't, be able to have any equipment with you. You have to start the default location or any relation locations. You haven't locked at that point and yeah, so it can be very. Very you could make this loser target very difficult.

If you don't, have any quibble with you so make sure you guys are at mastery level. 24 ha caĆ­do, otherwise it can would be a little bit more difficult. I'm, going to try and do two guides for this one.

I'm, going to be trying to do a guide for all the people with mastery level 20 and we'll, be trying to do a god if possible, if your mastery level one for this elusive target as well so either way. I've got you guys, I've got you back and I'll try and do as best as i can add, but just make sure you are mastery level.

20. It's very easy to do. You can you can place through. I did it on my second account within an hour, so it is definitely achievable quite quickly so yeah, so that's. All I've really got to save so just make sure you're, the master level 20, and that's.

Pretty much gonna do for this video's, so they very much for watching and feel free to drop a like and subscribe hearing you if you are new to the channel and leave a comments in the section below to.

Let me know your thoughts on this elusive, targeting all the rules for it and i'll, see you guys in the next video Cheers. You [ Music, ]