HITMAN - Elusive Target #20 Announced - Bangkok!

You know what some fries are welcome to the elusive target announcement, video as usual. My name is mr. freeze 2244. This is the elusive target number 20, so this elusive target in Bangkok is going to be called the warlord now.

This is your target on screen. Is the woman and she's, going to be available for seven days, starting from tomorrow on the Friday, the tenth of februari and it's, going to be available? The usual time of 2 p.

m. central european time, five a.m. pacific time? 8 a.m. eastern and for the UK it's 1pm as usual. Now, if this is your first elusive target in Bangkok, you will unlock the casual suit with gloves by completing it and if you get the Sun assassin racing with, it will count towards your progress for unlocking the winter suit.

So if you & # 39, ve got force on assassins a fleas better, these elusive target. So far, if this is you're going to be your fifth, so I'll assassin. You will unlock your winter suit on this particular elusive target.

Along with this loose of tight, you & # 39. Ll have a second objective as well. So not only have you got to eliminate the target itself, I can't pronounce. That name. I think it's. A daisy, Oh Jojo, for don & # 39.

T know how to pronounce that name. So it's, a name I cannot pronounce, and the second objective is to retrieve the maps and digital files. So we having a second objective for this, so if you complete with one of these objectives, you cannot restart after that point, unless you use my ethernet trick but yeah.

So the additional objective got retrieved maps and digital files, which I'm sure will be on dunno. Maybe she it's got an honor. It may be her acquaintances caught it with him. I don't know I mean I can't you, I don't even know where this actual place is.

Where is it? Where is this room, and i'm, not completely sure where it is not too familiar? This could be at the back of the. If you want on the second floor of the restaurant area, maybe that's, where it is, i'm, not completely sure, though don't really recognize this room.

That guy is looking out into the atrium. So, where can that be anyway? I'll. Let you guys speculate. Let me know in the comments where you think that this room actually is so I'm, not completely sure it could be.

On the second floor, where 47 is these weary suite? Is I'm, not completely, but I'm just special hitting at this point. So let me know in the comments what you guys think of this: a little target where the stock is going to be and what you think of the new objective and yeah see guys in the live stream.

I'll, be doing that 10 minutes before the elusive target goes live just as usual, so i'll. Get i'll, see you guys there in the live stream, and i'll. Be doing all these silent assassins, 20 knees and you know the fail proof that's.

If i could actually do that, but so yeah i'll, see you guys there on the live streams and all the videos cheers [ Music, ]