HITMAN - Elusive Target #19 Announced - Paris!

Yo, what's? A freeze on yahoo to an elusive target announcement video- mr. freeze 2244, and then we've got an elusive target number 19 announced today and it's going to be set in Paris. I want to show you the image that we come along with the the announcement and, as you can see, the elusive target number 19 is going to be called the blackmailer there's, going to be one of these models that are going to be In Paris so sanguine fashion show and for some reason this is going to be available for 10 days, and now I'm, assuming that's because of the knee, the disc version of the game comes out in 30, first of January, And also the bonus episode of landslides comes out the 31st of January as well.

I'll, be doing official announcement of that and for more information when i get that available to me, but at this elusive target can be available in generated 27th, which is going to be this friday and it's, going to be Available at the same time as it usually is at one p.

m. UK time, 2 p.m. eastern time, sorry 2pm european time and 8am east and time they'll, be father in pacific as well so yeah with this. This loser loser talk was a leak too many. Many months ago i mean, if you a little bit all research, you could find out the briefing video and all the briefing information on this.

I'm not going to post it on the channel because i don't want to do that. I don't, know leak any information and regards to this. You know, but yeah. You can find all that information on the internet if you must, if you want to really, but I really got much information for this regards to anything else.

But if you just your first elusive target, is gonna be in Paris, you can unlock your your tuxedo with a glove so that's, a good sign something to look forward to, and if you failed, your last elusive target when use one suit Away from the winter suit, then this is going to be your one where you want to get your winter suit if you complete this with Sun assassin rating, so that's, assuming that you & # 39, ve already got four already so yeah.

That's, going to pretty much do it for this video. Obviously, when we do a live stream of this particular Lusa target when it comes to friday, as always, it will be ten minutes before the elusive take.

It goes live. So i'll, be going live on industry attempts before that on youtube. So hopefully i oversee everyone yeah. When I'm, what more information comes out regards to everything else? I'll, be sure to update Channel and I'll, let you guys know, but for now i'll, see you guys there and i & # 39.

Ll see you guys in the live stream and the videos and stuff like that, then i'll, see you next time.