HITMAN - Elusive Target #18 Announced - Colorado!

I yo what's, our freezer meal, welcome to an elusive target announcement video- mr. freeze 2244, and we have the elusive target number 18 just announced today and which will be coming up this Friday and it & # 39.

S got a couple of the things I want to talk about in this, because what are they playing at I mean I'm, not making my job very easy either. Are you interrupt my own interactive? I mean seriously right.

First of all, I'll. Show you the image that comes with this elusive target announcements, the picture that came along with the blog and the targets going to be called the chameleon for this one and it's going to be in Colorado is going to be actually the first Elusive target that's appearing in Colorado, so that's.

Something to look forward to - and this is going to be running for seven days long and that's, going to be a quick that's becoming a recurring theme. So I'm guessing from here on out. It's, going to be seven days for all elusive targets from now on, and it's going to be this friday on January thirteenth front of the thirteenth of all days.

But it's going to be at the same time as usually is that's, 2 p.m. east and 2 p.m. central european time, 8 a.m. eastern time and 1 p.m. UK time. No, that'll, be five a.m. pacific time as well. So all, obviously, as always, i'll, be doing the live stream of this 10 mins before it goes live, and i'll also try and do my best to try and get all these videos out for this particular two targets and No one fails.

This particular loser. Targets good looks like it's, going to be the most hardest one of all of them. So I'm, going to explain a couple of more details about this elusive target. In particular, now on the blog itself, it says the chameleon is you will next to lose a target to arrive in hitman? You'll, be in Colorado for seven days, and if you complete the contract, you will earn the tactical gear with the hunters hat.

This elusive target is also the first opportunity to unlock the winter suit, which is rewarded for completing five elusive targets. With a silent assassin rating and basically what that means is, if you completed the four previous elusive targets before this all silent assassin, if you complete this particular looter, looter Titus, on assassinating you'll unlock that winter suit, which is basically the standards of Signature suit with a lock and overcoat, and you'll also for completing this elusive target.

You'll, also unlock the tactical gear with the hunters hat, so that's that out of the way now there is going to be some details involving this particular Lusa target. Now he's got two objectives. First of all, you got ta killed it to loose a target, Richard M Foreman, that's, his name, then you.

The second objective is to retrieve some documents, and that will be it for the objectives, but there is a special contract condition which you'll, see there at the bottom that on the bottom there was a special contact, windy conditions apply, and that is Eliminating the target with a non-explosive accident, so if you're not allowed to use any kind of explosive accident to kill them, you have to kill him in any unknown explosive accident.

So if you try to take them up with a fiber wire, you'll fail. If you try to shoot them with a pistol, you'll fail, it has to be a non-explosive accident. So there goes the fire extinguisher technique.

There goes the breach, charge technique. There goes the gas canister technique. You can't use any kind of explosive accidents in this particular loser talk. You have to kill them with a non-explosive elusive target.

I feel like a lot of people going to forget about that and they're going to fail. Just because did it remember at the time - and you know that's very easy to happen as well. So you need to make sure you get that in your head, that you have to kill this a little tight with a non-explosive åkesson.

Now you & # 39. Ve got these little logos at the bottom of the screen. It will show a falling man and they'll, that's, basically telling you that pushing are pushing them off a roof or pushing me over a railing is allowed.

The next one is a picture of hit, the you know a drowning little man there. So I'm guessing you can drown the target. So if she tell if it said drowning an opportunity is there, then it must be so it what this comes down to, depending where he goes.

If he goes on a roof which it looks like it is in the picture, likey looks like he's by the water tower. If we could potentially push him off that roof there, but it again it depends who is with depends on what the disguise requirements are going to be, and you know that kind of stuff.

But all this comes down to the difficulty of this all will all come down to the fact where he's going to be he's in the house, and we can push him off a ledge on the roof. We could drop a chandelier on his head.

We could drown in with a little bit if we stab mathematics syringe in his near a toilet near a bathroom. We could drown him there if he goes in where the actual roof of the you know. What water tower is, there is a bathroom in there with a toilet, so it depends on.

If you will actually go down there to be sick, it all depends on where he's going to be so yeah it's, going to be quite interesting. It's, going to be actually quite interested in how diner explains is in the briefing video as well, but as well as on top of this video, I'm, going to make sure that you guys never fail this by you know.

I'm, going to add a clip at the end of this video. If you haven't seen it before is the how to never feel the elusive target. I'm not going to occlude the last one. I just uploaded I'm going to include I'm gonna actually put on the end of this video, the FYI video I did a couple of months ago.

I was around the time when elusive target number 10 was around, which is the pharmacist I believe, but the same things apply. You know the same things and same explanation applies really, so you need to make sure you got that in your head by the time you do this elusive target.

So if you & # 39, ve killed, killed the elusive target, but you mess up on you trying to get the retrieving the documents you can do that technique and then restart the Holy loser target. If you retrieve the documents but get spotted trying to kill the elusive target, you can again do that technique and you'll, be able to replay the allotted time.

I'm, going to put that on the end of this video and yeah, so that's. Why i pretty much covered everything I needed to say so it's, going to be tough one, so you know me to make sure you keep your wits about you and remember to only kill him with a non-explosive accident.

Anything else you'll fail and even if you pull the cable, its it and do the whole technique, we showed you before it's, not going to work. So you can make sure you remember that. So I'm. Going to do that's going to do with this particular video anyway, and thank you very much for watching a list in trouble.

I can, if you enjoyed the video and subscribe. If you are new to the channel, and I & # 39. Ll see you guys in the next video or the live stream it. That is that we chat a minute before the live stream.

The target goes live. I'll, see you there guys enjoy the video I'm going to attach at the end of this, and hopefully you'll, learn something I'll. See you guys in the next video Cheers your. What's our fries army and welcome to hit man FYI episode? 6 mine is mr.

freeze, 2244, and if you are new to the channel, I & # 39. Ll leave a link in the description of the full playlist of all the Hitman FYI episodes covering all bases of accident kills, poison, kills and compromised, explanation, etc.

So if that's, something you're interested in the link is in the description and for but for this particular hit. My neph, while i'm, going to be explaining it a few things about elusive targets and everything about it really.

So, first of all, I want to say people need to stop worrying about these elusive targets. Now people are, you know some people are busy when it comes to these elusive targets. They're, not always available to do these elusive target, but you need to stop worrying because there's, going to be a lot of elusive targets.

In my prediction, there's going to be about 50. So I don't you don't have to worry about all the rewards that come with it, because, even if you are just starting - and you bought the game today and you've missed 10 elusive targets, you can Still have an off loser targets to even still get the blood money suits and anything else you what you want to get.

Apparently there's rewards for you know: completing 16 elusive targets 19 or lose your targets all the way up to 43. So there's. The rewards all the way up to that point, and so that tells me there's, probably about 50 elusive target because they're, allowing some space for you to lose.

Some of these elusive target see, but even the best of us have lost some of these elusive times mean I've lost one myself through my own stupid mistake of killing myself or the proximity to explosive, which will never do again.

Your learner harsh lesson that way, but yeah people need to stop worrying it. When it comes out these losses of targets you don't, even if you fail it, you don't don't. Let it plague on you. It's completely fine.

There's, going to be plenty more in the future. So you don't have to worry about these elusive togs. If you fail. Another thing I want to tell you is sunless assian when it comes to elusive targets, the silent assassin really really really is not important.

Now people comment on my videos telling me that it's, a great video and it helped them a lot and some people, even even to the few people say they couldn't. Do it they couldn't, get the silent assassin, but i always reply saying: did you kill the target and did you was you successful, and this is yes, but didn't get the silent assassin, but the silent assassin really is not Porn it's only for your personal pride, it doesn't matter.

If you get so on assassin. As long as you kill the target in these elusive targets, it really does not matter when it comes to these scorecards there's. Only gonna be a very, very few amount of speed people that are going to be doing these super fast anyway.

Like this last, this elusive target, for example the pharmacist on plane right now that was someone has done this in 15 16 seconds. Now it's. It seems a bit silly to me, but you know some people. Some people can post that fascinate.

Some people can have those times insane times, but you know I'm. Just saying you don't have to do this. Suplee quick to you know, get the sauna sauce already. Do you don't have to worry about the song assassin rating at all.

So I urge you guys just stop worrying about the silent assassin reckon stop worrying that if you fail that you & # 39, ve lost everything and you're, never going to get these suits. Of course, you will as long as long as you, don't lose too many, of course, but you know you'll get them.

So I don't think these developers will be making not 20 or 30 elusive target. Just for you to promote these rewards after 13 Lusa targets, for example, and you're, still failing them and you won't get them it's, not going to work.

That way. I heard you guys to stop worrying about all this stuff. It's. Not it's good! You're completely fine. Now I & # 39. Ve got those two points out a way. I want explain a few other things as well.

If you & # 39, ve killed the target, you cannot restart the game and i know only two times: you cannot restart elusive target if you kill the targets or if you die yourself now, people are still confused by this and they think as soon as you Play it, you've, got no option to restart.

You can restart at any point during an elusive target at any point, as long as you're, not dead, and as long as you haven't killed the target. However, there is a way to have unlimited start restarts, apart from when you die, but I will cover that in just a few seconds time but, like I said you can restart this anytime, see if you mess up.

If you & # 39, ve killed multiple non targets, but you haven't killed the target. Yet you can restart immediately. If you want to. If you want to replan something you didn't bring something your inventory, you can restart replan.

It at any point that you want to as long as you don't, like I said, as long as you, don't die and the targets not dead. You can restart at any point in this video I'll. Just I've just done a bit i messing around, but i'm going to move on to my next point.

What i was trying to explain. You can do these unlimited times, even if you kill the target and you & # 39. Ve killed non targets with you with the target self like resemble you've blown up and you didn't, kill her with an accident kill and you killed it by accent just normal explosion.

You can still restart to these elusive targets. Now it's a bit of a secret, but I probably going to get a bit of a bit of hassle for this one in the comments or whatever it. But I'm, going to tell you anyway, because I like to give out all the information that's available to you.

Another reason why you can you don't have to wear you don & # 39. T have to worry about these elusive targets is the fact you can restart at any time. I'm, going to show you how so in this clip here, i'm, restarting the elusive target.

Now this was recorded half before i died in that previous clip there, but we essentially starting the elusive target from scratch, and the target is just over this section here. This is what I'm, going to show you if you [, __ ] things up.

This is what happens? Ok, so I bumped into these two guards there. I'm, going to throw the good doc next to that car and we've blown the car on now it's killed the woman and it & # 39. S also killed a non-target as well.

So we've [ __ ] up we haven't, got the song thats awesome rain. We've killed the target, but we have got the silent assassin written. So if you're connected vr, an ethernet cable through your ps4 or xbox or pc, pull the cable out.

This is what it's, really important. Don't, restart, pull the cable out, and what that I'll. Do is disconnect you from their servers, and it will tell you, do you want to retry, or do you want to go back to the main menu click? Go back to the main menu and then what happens? Is you'll? Come to this screen here at bright here, I'll, show you offline, plug your Ethernet cable back in and then reconnect to the Hitman service, and once you do that you'll.

Have the ability to read start the whole elusive target from scratch, as I'm, showing you the clip right here, which is exactly what I did now, if you are not connected via an ethernet cable, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi through the playstation menu.

However, before you do before you actually get to do that, because obviously you pause the game first before you do that if you're on a ps4 or xbox, otherwise, you'll get killed. While you're on the in the menus, so they go, I & # 39.

Ve just showed your example there. I love me [ __ ], up on the elusive target on purpose me, killing the target, and now I've - got the ability to replay that elusive target as many times as it want. So I don & # 39.

T need multiple counts anymore. I can just do this multiple times I don't think this can be fixed either because it's, so anyone can disconnect at any point. So this is the reason why you're allowed to restart these elusive target.

This way, so I'm, going to resolve going to show you another example of me free starting once more. So this the second time are doing this elusive target, even though I've, just restart after killing the elusive target yourself.

So, like I said before made this clear: if you're connected via cable and you've messed up, you've killed known targets for whatever reason or you've, not killed the target in the way You works, wanted to kill her like, for example, you drop the chandelier on the head, but you've accidentally killed someone else next to her as well.

You know you're, not gonna get us on assassin rate, and so, if that song assassin is really important to you or you've messed up to a point where you get shot, just pause it and then pull the cable Out pull the cable up, I wanted to put once you pull the ethernet cable, which is the internet cable.

By the way you will disconnect on the screen - and it will ask you to do you want to retry to connect or do you want to go to the menu? Always click go to the menu and then put your cable. I bokkeum once the menu is loaded and then restart the contract.

There's me just messing around again. Just shooting random people killed it to non-target right there. It's, going to shoot these couple of guys as well sure this is just the second example. I'm, going to show you a throw a rubber duck at that.

Look at that car load them up, killed a few people there to kill this guy with a pistol. So if you're about to die, zweite, just pause it and then again poorly cable out - and this is the bench you message that will keep popping up on the screen.

Again, click to go to menu and then once you once, the menu has loaded up put the cable back in and then reconnect to the Hitman servers. And then you'll have the chance to replay your elusive target.

So this is a great way of basically never failing your elusive target. The only way this is not going to work if you die, if you died and you try, they're, pulling up the cable you don't work, but the only so that's.

The only scenario why it won't work. You can still with this one you & # 39. Ve got the added advantage of killing the target. The way you want the killer. So if you & # 39, ve not killed her the proper way.

This is a good way to you, know, sort that out and give you a chance to replay these elusive targets so that's. What I've got to say for this video, so I hope things cleared up now. I hope you've learned something from this, so thank you very much for watching.

Thank you very much for listening to me. I hope this has helped you out, and I hope you've, now learned about everything to do with the elusive target. So thank you very much watching be sure to hit like on the video and subscribe here.

If you are new and i & # 39, ll see you in the next video Cheers: