HITMAN 2 - Miami Race Stoppage (SA/SO) Without Eliminating Sierra!

1. Start at default. Location 2., Go to the security room and destroy the evidence. 3. Climb, the pipe distract the guard in the office and KO Maxwell. Rutter 4. Take the Race Laptop dongle. He drops hide his body.

5., Go through the kitchen and through the event official bathroom and go to the Server Room 6., Insert the USB dongle in the Laptop present in the room and stop the race 7.. As soon as Sierra leaves her car and comes inside.

The pit distract her and kill anyway way intended 8. Carefully, avoid the Pit Mechanics and get out of the restricted area. 9. Proceed to kill Robert Knox. In any way, you want. Go behind the door, bent and press Z Stay halfway outside the door and be careful not to stay too long.

When Robert K. passes Run to the door, Robert K. will go here Place a coin.