All The Ways You Can Talk To Me :)

Yo, what's up for his army? If you guys have been interested in contacting me and talking to me on a more direct basis, other than just youtube comments there's a there's, a couple of platforms. You can do that with me.

If you want to, you, can contact me at any time on twitter, so you can feel free to contact me on twitter and feel free to follow me on twitter. If you want to - and the next way to contact me, it would be through discord that's, where I'm, most active, where I'd, engage in all you subscribers directly through messaging, in a public server.

So I'm. I currently current server in the moments. The fries are me, really got loads of people in there that are all talking together about hit man and talking to me directly and offer, in my opinion, on multiple things will, regardless of what you ask me of whatever, and the link to my discord.

Server is just on screen there, so you can follow that. I'll. Leave that link in the description as well as well as the twitter account, and it basically can use that through that I of the website or you can download the discord app and you can join the server through that way.

As long as you type in that Codrus right there, so basically the discord, like i said, is just like a chatroom kind of thing with all the subscribers are going to be where you can talk to me in a public server and all that kind of good Stuff, so the next way you to come to contact me - or you know talk to me - is through PSN on playstation network.

So you can add me on both of my PS ends. If you want to it's completely up to you, i'll. Leave that link on the screen and in the description as well. Also, on top of that I've have my email. You can contact or indirectly for any business inquiries or anything like that, so that about covers all the ways you can contact me directly.

Now, if you're looking to support the channel in any kind of way, you can support me and become one of my patrons on patreon, my link for more patriotic. I'll. Leave that on the screen, also in the description so feel free to support the channel on there if you want to, and that about covers everything on these are needed to say really so that's going to do it for this video.

So I & # 39. Ve got all the information out there for you guys that's, going to do if this video. So thank you very much for watching and listening and see in the next video guys Cheers